Frustration with Stack Exchange et al

June 15th, 2015 by bostjan

  rantNow() { return ” This is the problem I have with users on Stack Exchange / Stack Overflow / Server Fault etc. I like SO/SE/SF. A lot. Their website provides many answers, which are correctly indexed by Google. This means they are easy to find. Cool. pink silicone iphone 6 case I work with Linux systems, a lot. Searching the web for error messages that occur during my work is part of the process. I am thankful that SO provides many answers. So officially: THANK YOU! Every once in a while I get to SO question that either: a) does not have answer at all, or b) the answer is given, but my case is a bit different, yet it results with the same error, so the answer does not apply. Usually I figure things out, eventually. bride phone case iphone 7 If certain SO answer was a bit helpful, I try to contribute back what, in my case, caused and what fixed the error. Cause, you know, FOSS spirit, good samaritans, or a temporary goodwill that will perish with the next the-website-is-down phone call. Whichever. Here is the rub: EVERY FSCKING TIME I CONTRIBUTE, SOME RETARDED CONTENT POLICY NAZI BARKS SOME IRRELEVANT SHIT BACK TO ME! Here are the most common responses: Nazi: “Your post does not provide answer to the question!” Yes it does. Why do you think I am contributing to this question? Because it is the first hit on Google when I searched for this error message. Does not answer it 100%? Could be, but 6 hours ago a hint like the one I just contributed would save me 6 hours of Googling and research – isn’t you website exactly about this? STOP YOUR FUCKING REPUTATION-WHORING! Nazi: “Your answer does not provide steps to fix the issue!” Fuck you! Kindergarten is further down the road, there you will be provided with step-by-step guide how to FUCK OFF. Seriously, if the question is something that only a professional would look for, do you REALLY think that said professional needs your baby-step-by-step guide??? No, she/he does not. What is needed is a hint in the right direction, everything else is too environment-specific. STOP YOUR FUCKING REPUTATION-WHORING! Nazi: “You should include steps for installation here, not just URI to HOWTO!” What do you think, 1 year down the road, which installation guide will still be acurate? The one on SO that I (project maintainer) will forget about the very second I post it, or the one on the official project page, where I maintain the most up to date installation instructions, including backwards-compatibility for as much versions as possible? STOP YOUR FUCKING REPUTATION-WHORING! Nazi: “You should put this as a comment to the question!” First, FUCK YOU! If you have Xk reputation points, I do not. I do not want them, I am not in a market to collect them, or to be whoring for them. But as I have less than Y points, I am UNABLE TO POST COMMENTS TO QUESTIONS YOU FUCKING MORON. Check my reputation first, and stop shitting on my head. iphone 8 case slim protected Again: STOP YOUR FUCKING REPUTATION-WHORING! Normal SO user response: “Your wording/style is not OK. I fixed it for you.” Eee, thanks, mr. first normal person in a long while. It has been so long since I last received such a normal response, I really do not know what to say right now. I hope you get reputation points for your edit. 6 iphone case pink To other REPUTATION WHORING MORONS: Did I provide invalid answer? Fine, delete it. Or, even better, leave it there, for me and others to learn, and provide a corrected version too. I guess it is easier to get reputation points by criticising other comments than actually providing genuine content. I guess you think you need your reputation points for your next job, where you will be able to hide your inability to produce genuine content. Or something similar. I understand your logic, and if I was incapable of producing anything meaningful, this would be my strategy too.

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